frequently asked questions

What does Singdara Mean? What Ethnicity are you, where you from?

Singdara is my last name/surname. Both my parents are from Laos. I love my last name and am very proud of my Lao roots and being Lao-American. Sa bai dee! I was born in the US.

How are you vegan if you eat meat/Seafood/etc?

I’m not actually vegan. I get this a lot because I usually write or post on my Instagram about vegan options and vegan things I enjoy. Eating vegan is a very easy and convenient way for me to avoid dairy & eggs. I do eat less meat overall since going D&E free, but I still enjoy most meats (I try to avoid red meat for health/skin reasons, too) like chicken, turkey, pork, and seafoods.

Why are you Dairy & Egg Free?

A long story short, my skin started freaking out (not with typical acne) during my early to mid twenties and I’d get painful cysts that would burst and leave heavy scarring on my face (I still get this on my chest and shoulders infrequently). After a funny dermatologist/acne medication goof (another long story—I had a severe allergic reaction to acne meds that put me in the hospital), I went to a holistic Ayurvedic practicing naturalpath and we did a food allergy test. I found many things I was allergic to that contributed to the stomach and skin problems I’d been having. At the very top of that list was dairy, eggs, red meat, peanuts, and sugar. So I cut a lot of these things out of my diet in order to feel good and improve my skin.


You’re D&E Free, buuuut?

Yes, I cheat. I love eggs (one of my FAVORITE things ever is eggs benedict) and there’s nothing like a pastry made with traditional and REAL butter. While I’m D&E free, I try very hard to stay clear of it all, but I cheat, YOLO yanno? I try to only treat myself and allow cheats on being D&E free a couple times a month. I can’t go too overboard otherwise my stomach & skin rebel and I’m miserable for at least a week.


I currently live in Boise, Idaho! Originally from Washington State. Grew up in Yakima, then moved and lived in Tacoma/Seattle area for like a decade. Love and miss the PNW so much!


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science & Information Technology. Not from the most credible online school (COUGH U of Phoenix). I wish I had spent my college years elsewhere and I would feel more justified in the giant student loan debt hole I’m (and a lot of other people) are trying to climb out of.

what do you do for a living?

I’m in a marketing department and have a background and several years of experience in sales, advertisement, and social media management for the company/companies I work for. Please don’t ask me if I enjoy it. 😂