Pour Me Some Nighttime


I recently obtained a refurbed’ iPad and downloaded myself Procreate because I had gotten really interested in digital doodles and artwork. Let me tell you, I’ve been on a roll! I’m super excited to just learn how the program works and so if you check out my art gallery, you’ll see I’m just kind of testing all kinds of things out. Haven’t really discovered my own personal style yet, but I’ve been having loads of fun just trying out various styles and have even fiddled around with animating/gifs. You can see my timelapses and gifs for my digital doodles on my Instagram stories.

I’ve been seeing “transparent” or “glass” digital artwork all over Instagram and thought that it was so cool and wanted to take a stab at it myself. You can see I need a lot of practice, but it was so fun, coming up with this “cup of nighttime”. I know it needs work, but I’m really happy with the way it came out. I’m still learning about masks and the way layers work in Procreate, and shading etc. So it’s all super exciting.

Hope you enjoyed this quick little doodle! If you have tips and tricks to share or things you’ve learned with digital doodling or Procreate, share them in the comments! As always, thanks for stopping by—until next time!

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