Just Wandering: Weekend in Oregon

Spa fountain!

Happy weekend everyone! Today, I wanted to share some snapshots of my weekend in Oregon! As a birthday present from the boyfriend, I got to visit my BFF in the whole wide world and celebrate my #Dirty30. We’ve known each other our whole lives and near and far, we always pick right back up where we left off. It’s amazing to see how we’ve grown, what’s changed, and of course what hasn’t (to be specific our eating habits when we’re together). It was a wonderful way to ring in a new decade and I’m so happy to have spent it with my #BastFran. I hope you enjoy some of the snaps I remembered to save to my camera roll here on the blog. If you want more clips from my trip like captures from the spa and foodie pics, be sure to checkout my Insta Stories highlight under Travel & Foodstagram!

The bestie and I are giant foodies and when we’re together it’s all about food and chill. She and her beau picked me up from the airport and we stopped at the most awesome spot called The Screendoor. It was SUPER packed and we had about a 30-40 minute wait time with a line outside as well as inside! That being said, it was well worth the wait! I just realized I never took a shot of my food! 😭 Good thing there are amazing photos if you Google The Screendoor. I had the chicken and waffles (YES I TOTALLY WENT OFF MY DIET FOR THE WEEKEND. #WorthIt). The BFF had shrimp and grits—she said they were the best grits she’s ever had in Oregon, so much so that on her own trip out of town the next weekend, she went and had it again! If you’re in the Portland area and need a good brunch spot and aren’t in a hurry to another location, DEFINITELY hit The Screendoor up. You won’t be sorry!

After brunch, we headed to our spa appointment for the rest of the evening at the very lovely Epic Day Spa! It was the most amazing 4-6 hours ever. My spa time was complete with a mani & pedi, a 30 minute massage, and chill time in The Sanctuary where you can enjoy drinks, chat with your friends, or relax with a book while you wait for your appointments to come up. There’s also a lovely little lunch area where you can enjoy a meal if you’re spending a long period of time at the spa as well. There’s even a complete salon downstairs where you can get your hair done, they also do lash extensions, and other services! My appointment began with a massage after changing into the softest robes!

Spa fountain!

Check out my Insta Stories Highlights for all the snaps from the spa! There, you’ll find more pictures of the spa area, decor, amazing bathroom, and pics of me and the besties’ toesies.

After the spa, we headed back to her place for some homemade pho! But, after coming through her door, she had sneakily sent her beau home to set up my surprise!

Birthday surprise!

Bday pic with Koda, puppy nephew!

It was the best cake! So yummy! And oh so pretty! It even had macarons on it! The next day, the BFF and I spent ALL day on our feet shopping! It was fun to catch up and run around like that together for the first time in a long, long time. Before we hit the mall, we had brunch—complete with mimosas at Caves Bier & Kitchen!

I had the biscuit sandwich with veggie sausage! It was amazing! Bestie had the soufflé and it was nummy! She also ordered us Irish cream doughnuts and they were drool worthy. I highly recommend this spot if you’re in or near Corvallis, Oregon. SO GOOD.

Sunday was my last day in Oregon and I flew out at about 8pm. The bestie took me on a tour of OSU and we had fun reminiscing about her college life! We started with coffee and a quick bite at Coffee Culture before heading to campus.

Coffee Culture

Then before catching my plane, we had dinner at the best pizza place! Oven & Shaker was a treat—I got a typical marinara pizza with no cheese and it was perfect! Also had my first soda in forever, Dry Soda in Vanilla, yum yum!

I had a great trip and I hope to visit my BFF again soon! Hope you enjoyed my quick trip recap and thanks for reading! Remember, if you want to see more snapshots, check out my Insta Story Highlights on Instagram. Also be sure to check out my latest post on my thoughts on entering my 30s!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these places or if you have other recommendations in Portland or the Oregon area! Until next time!

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