Girlfriend Collective: A Sustainable Athleisure Brand

I’ve been more active lately and thought I should invest in a good set of workout or athletic clothes. I went with the brand Girlfriend Collective, based on a recommendation of a friend a couple years ago. When Girlfriend Collective first started up, they had a killer offer where if you paid shipping (like $20), they’d send you a pair of their signature leggings for free! I decided $20 bucks for a decent pair of yoga pants/leggings was a steal and it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. I was VERY happy with this $20 bucks dropped (I didn’t even mind waiting close to 4 months for the leggings to arrive too!). I’m not sponsored, this isn’t an ad, and I wasn’t sent any of these products, I just genuinely love Girlfriend Collective’s stuff.

If you’re like me, I never cared about getting good quality workout clothes—I’d buy the cheap stuff from F21 and would thrash the ever living hell out of them. The sports bras and leggings I still have from F21 are tattered, stretched out, and pretty much useless (I should probably toss them now)—they’re only use is now super worn in pjs. That being said, I’ve also never been an “athleisure” kind of girl. I don’t personally like to run errands in track suits, yoga pants/leggings, or workout clothing. I’m not knocking on those who do, I just personally have never felt comfortable doing it. With the leggings from Girlfriend Collective, I find ways and reasons to purposely wear them out! I totally see why throwing on a pair of comfy AF leggings is such a go-to for some! Just a disclaimer: I don’t have another brand to compare to aside from F21, like Lululemon or anything (sorry for those of you looking to compare!), but I really love GC and don’t think I need to shop around anymore.

To keep this post concise and to the point, let me touch on some key points I think are important to know about Girlfriend Collective and their products and why I love them so much. Links to my purchases are near the end of this post.

  • Feel good purchase.
  • Amazing quality, durability, and performance.
  • Will continue to purchase with them and highly recommend.

Feel good purchase. Girlfriend Collective is local to Seattle, WA and Washington is my home state. I love supporting local businesses and I’m very happy to include GC in my personal list (alongside Moorea Seal and Herbivore Botanicals to name a couple). If you don’t know much about GC, I strongly suggest reading up on their story and their about section. I’ll give you a quick TLDR; their leggings and clothing is good for the planet. Their products are made from recycled water bottles, at a fair trade facility in Taiwan (each pair of leggings starts with 25 recycled water bottles!). They have a SA8000 certified factory in Vietnam that mandates fair working hours and wages, safe work conditions, unionization, and NO forced or child labor. 🙌🏼 So when I say their clothing is quality, I mean in every aspect. I’m more than happy to fork over my hard earned cash for great quality clothing, but also to a company who is so conscious of the environment and basic human rights.

Amazing quality, durability, and performance.  I can’t rave enough about all of the pieces I’ve purchased from GC. I bought two sports bras, two leggings (one at retail price and the freebie/free shipping I got on offer), and a pair of yoga shorts! I’ll probably continue to add to my little collection.

Quality and durability. GC’s clothes are the smoothest, buttery-est, softest, and most comfortable things aside from silk that I’ve ever put on my body. They also act kind of like memory foam–they conform to your body and just get more and more comfortable the more you wear them, but they don’t seem to wear out! I’ve had one pair of the original leggings for a couple years and wear them all the time. They’re still just as buttery soft as when I first got them, but broken in, but not so much so that they don’t fit snug or hug my body anymore. I am confident that all the pieces I’ve purchased will last me a long time, which is great bang for your buck. I won’t have to buy new workout clothes for some time. They’re also really easy to care for. You wash them cold, and just hang em’ up to dry. I haven’t noticed any fading or any noticeable wear/aging.

Performance. The leggings, shorts, and bras are great! I haven’t experienced any discomfort or any real major issues while being active in these. These are amazing if you’re not actually active and just want comfy clothes to run around in lol. If you are active, these are great for running, weight-lifting, yoga, whatever. They’re fantastic. I’ve been doing yoga off and on for ages and these are great. I recently started doing aerial yoga—being upside down, swinging around in the air, and all that, the leggings and sports bra hold up pretty good! I do find that occasionally I do have to reposition my bra a little, but I think if you’re not hanging upside down, it’s not a big deal. The leggings, though they fit really nice and snug on me, can sometimes slip down a little (I have the high waisted band), and need to be pulled up from time to time during activity. This might be a deal breaker for some, but I’ve never owned leggings, workout clothes, or any clothing in general that I don’t need to adjust occasionally, if it wasn’t something custom tailored. The bras are for medium-impact activity, supportive, and very comfortable. The leggings and shorts are also supportive and they’re compressive, too. I also find the material of all the clothes breathable and non-congestive.

Highly recommend and would totally buy again. If you’re on the fence about trying the Girlfriend Collective brand, just do it! You won’t be sorry. I love everything I’ve purchased and will continue to get my “atheisure” from them. They also carry a great selection of colors in all of their pieces. If you’re the matchy-matchy type, they’re perfect for you! You can get a pair of leggings that match your bra. They also make tank tops and other tops for a full outfit/workout uniform. I love their color selection and want to get the red ochre collection eventually! GC also offers capri versions, mid-rise, or high-waisted options for their leggings, and a nice variety of sports bras. Both pair of leggings I own are high-waisted, one is the standard length at 28.5″ inseam, and the other is 3/4—great for shorter gals, like myself.

Another fun bonus is with every order, you get a reusable pouch that you can use for pretty much anything! I now have two, and it’s great for travel—use the pouch to store dirty/used workout clothes on the go in your bag or to take them with you on a trip if you plan to workout!

Pictured/What I purchased: Black high-rise 3/4 legging | Black high-rise legging (not pictured) | High-rise run short | Paloma Bra in Midnight | Petite Paloma Bra in Black

Have you ever heard of Girlfriend Collective? Do you own any products from them, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments. I hope this review was helpful if you were on the hunt for some new athleisure. As always, thanks for visiting my tiny corner of the internet. It means a lot. Thanks for reading and until next time!

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