My Simple Nighttime Skincare Routine

A simple 6 step nighttime skincare routine.

My nighttime skincare is basically my AM routine, with some products swapped out. Be sure to check out my simple morning routine for extra info on repeat products—like why a product works for my skin or why I like it if you’re looking for a mini review.

  1. Cleansing (product not pictured): I have been using Lush’s Coalface charcoal facial soap for at least 4 years now and swear by it. It gives the perfect “squeaky clean” without actually drying you out or stripping all of your natural oils. It’s a healthy clean—it was also gentle enough to use every day, but strong enough to cut through all the grease + products layered on in the AM at the end of every night. UNFORTUNATELY Lush has reformulated Coalface and there’s a NEW formula, which I won’t say I HATE, but I do not prefer it and will not repurchase. I picked up the new formula to give it a go and I’m sadcat about it. Here’s my quick comparison between formulas: Original formula = great lather, easy to rinse off, cut through grease for “squeaky clean” without overdrying or stripping natural oils, gentle enough for everyday use, effective. New formula = doesn’t lather up to a nice thick foam anymore, takes extra effort to rinse, now leaves a slight film or residue type feeling on the skin even after rinsing, has a MUCH grittier texture, seems to have more “glitter” (I’m not sure it’s actually glitter, but it’s probably the titanium oxides or something?), and just not as pleasant to use as original formula. Lush added cocoa butter to the new formula and I think this is probably the culprit of why I feel like I have a slight film on my face and why it’s so much harder to rinse off. I won’t be repurchasing after I finish this bar of new formula. (I might just use it as hand soap for now).

  2. Essence: Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Intensive Moist Essence. This makes a great primer to the rest of the products I layer at night—it’s a nice re-hydrator after cleansing to prep and help the rest of my skincare sink in nicely.

  3. Toner & Exfoliator: Krave Beauty’s Kale-lalu-yAHA has been in my nighttime routine since May of 2018. With 5.25% glycolic acid, it’s a great beginner’s product to AHA and very gentle. It makes my skin really happy so I use it every evening. I don’t use cotton pads and splash a bit onto my hands and pat into the skin. I’m currently on my second bottle! This is definitely worth its cost. This product is my favorite for helping to resurface and counteract clogged or congested skin. This has been a HG for it’s ability to visibly sooth and resurface all of my textural issues. After a year of use, I would definitely continue to repurchase and would highly recommend if you need something to gently smooth your complexion and decongest the skin.

  4. Facial oil: Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil has been my go-to facial oil for a few years now. This oil is very soothing to my skin, helping to balance and even out my complexion. It also helps a little with redness (but not much). This is also a great oil that’s lightweight enough to sink in and absorb quickly, but still effective enough to sooth any dryness or flakiness my skin sometimes goes through.

  5. Eye Cream: Saturday Skin Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream. I’ve been using this (and the same bottle! Please don’t judge me lol) since a couple November’s ago. One bottle is a touch pricey at almost $50 a bottle, but considering how long ONE bottle has lasted me, while using it every single night—a little goes a very long way. I use like half a pump for BOTH eyes. This stuff is great—it’s lightweight, but still hydrating. I believe this product did great at brightening my eye area, but I don’t really struggle with dark circles in the first place. I do love this product specifically for hydrating the delicate under eye area without being too thick or heavy. I’m actually almost finished with this bottle and will be moving onto Biossance’s Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel next. I got a sample once upon a time ago and really liked the texture and was stoked to get a full size bottle in the set I picked up to get the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil.

  6. Moisturizer/Serum: The final step in my nighttime layered skincare routine is Krave Beauty’s Great Barrier Relief: Skin Barrier Restoring Serum. I know this is a serum, but I use it as my moisturizer to top off and seal in all the other products I layered on prior. It’s light enough to still sink in with the rest of the products, but does a good job sealing all the hydrating goodness in. Great Barrier Relief is another skin soothing product that’s supposed to help repair damaged skin and skin barriers (which hey, it me!). This formula is super nourishing and I think in conjunction with the Kale-lalu-yAHA is a great way to even out my complexion and textural issues, while also helping any active breakouts. I started using this serum at the beginning of March so a little goes a long way and one bottle has lasted 6 months so far—I still have slightly less than half a bottle left! Definitely bang for your buck. I will be replacing once I finish up this bottle. The other amazing thing I like about this particular product is 2% of every purchase is actually donated to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation which is super cool! Good for my skin and for the environment.

I’ve been using this nighttime routine (or at least a variation of it) for going on a few years now and it’s a really simple, non-overwhelming regimen. There are a few other things I do use or do depending—I do use a cleansing balm whenever I wear makeup and I use facial massage tools to help with blood circulation and just another way to relax and pamper myself. I’ll be sure to do a separate post about self-care items and makeup removal, since when I wear makeup, I do double cleanse. I hope you’ve all enjoyed a look at a super minimal, yet effective skincare routine.

What’s your skincare routine like day or night? Is it simple? Are you following a Korean step routine? How many steps do you have?—Pour the tea friends! I’ve found pretty much all of my holy grail products from lots of trial and error and a TON of review reading and Youtube videos. Do you have HGs you swear by? Share those in the comments, too! It may be something I need in my life. Until the next post, thanks for reading and I hope you come back soon!