Best Makeup Products of 2017

2017 was a year of minimizing, purging, and only sticking with my personal “bare essentials”. Like with my diet, skin care, and even my closet—my vanity and makeup products had to take some cuts, too. For all of 2017, I didn’t even wear any face makeup, bases, foundations or BB creams! Though I believe I could cover up my skin with products, I just didn’t think it would be good to pile on products on already congested and inflamed skin, so I skipped it all year long. I also felt as though using a base wouldn’t be enough to cover and make my skin look naturally blemish-free, so I rocked the #foundationfree look and though I’m still self-conscious about it, I’m doing my best to embrace it.

First on my list is Etude House’s Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara and Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash as a combo! I don’t do my eyelashes any other way! If I can’t have flawless, gorgeous, blemish-free skin, I can at least make sure my lashes are on point. These two Etude House lash products work great together. The fixer helps to add a touch of volume to my limp and wimpy lashes, and the mascara provides great length and helps to darken my natural lashes for a super clean and natural look. Whenever I do any makeup, my lashes are a must with these products and the combo was well used in 2017.

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is something I’ve had since it was released, but it’s been well loved in 2017. I’ve used it for a one-shadow wash kind of eye look, and I love most of the shades as a natural or pop-of-color type of liner look! Super minimal, fast, and easy. I love this palette for the colors it offers, the color payout, and the pigmentation. Great palette all around.

New to my collection and replacement for all of my old brushes is The Muse Beauty makeup brushes! I’ve been a long time subscriber of Jen of MeejMuse on YouTube and was SO STOKED when she announced she was coming out with brushes! I immediately got my hands on the set—it was perfect for me! It has all the essential brushes I would need to do a full face of makeup and several of the brushes have multiple purposes. This was a huge bonus for me and the set is cruelty-free, vegan, hand-crafted, and affordable. Pictured is the 171 Flat Powder  Brush and the 179 Eyeliner Brush.

Innisfree is one of the more understated but well loved makeup products in my vanity for 2017. Hands down, the Innisfree eye primer is my favorite—it does the job, doesn’t get cakey, goes on smooth, and makes my eyeshadow last all day and give it added vibrance. It is also very affordable! A great dupe to Too Face’s Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. The other Innisfree product I’ve been loving all of 2017 is the Mineral Single Shadow Trend pan in #9 Dried Rose. I LOVE this eyeshadow—I often wear it alone or as a blur of color underneath a light brown liner for a smokey rose/burgundy look. I love this shadow for fall and winter time, but it even looks great in the summer. This stuff has lasted me all day, goes on smooth and silky, and has little fallout. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can purchase this anymore—I can’t find it anywhere and it’s no longer available at ibuybeauti where I purchase a majority of my k-beauty items at a super low price and decent shipping costs. (FYI: I frequently get all my k-beauty products at ibuybeauti, Sokoglam, or Amazon).

Last but not least is the lips! If I can’t do much with my face, I like to put emphasis on the features that aren’t all messed up (LOL)! I love lip tints. I’ve never been a huge fan of matte lipsticks, though I love the way they look on others, they’re just too drying for me and never seem to go on well for my lips. I’ve used Etude House lip tints since the dawn of my k-beauty time, but these specific tints are a new addition to my vanity. The Etude House Dear Darling Ice Cream Case Water Gels are a new favorite and was well liked for half of 2017! These specific versions come in the most adorable ice cream bar packaging and are small and portable! I have and use often RD307 in Watermelon and RD308 in Honey Red. I like to sometimes use them together for extra dimension on my lips, but both used individually look great as a light wash (how I usually prefer my tints) or go on full-strength for an extra color pop! Also these a great and handy for using to create gradient lips (another obsession and favorite lip I tend to rock). These come in more colors but these shades are usually what I reach for.

And that wraps up my super, basic, minimalist best makeup products list for 2017! I used to have double or almost triple the amount that I’d cycle through or really, collected—but it feels good to cut back. My wallet thanks me, my skin seems to be fine with it, and it still helps me feel pretty, even if my skin doesn’t behave the way I’d like it to. Let me know in the comments, have you tried or love any of the products mentioned? Were they a 2017 favorite? Tell me some of your favorites, I’d love to add them to my wishlist! Thanks for reading, hope to see you next time!

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